Custom Made Furniture

We would be happy to produce your custom furniture to meet your needs, designed to fit unconventional space at your home or to create spaces that reflect your personality and tastes.

We can produce any wood furniture that you require, from small items such as chairs, nightstands, until the large items such as commercial bars, aron kodesh, walk in closet, large library furniture, etc.

Please inform us the custom furniture that you wish to order, with the detail specifications that you require: model, size, finish/color, fabric, marble, stained glass, etc. and we would be happy to produce the furniture for you.

We can produce your custom furniture based from the simple sketch, sample product picture, or detail CAD drawing.

During the production work of your custom order, we will report you the picture of the production work, so you can check if the design, construction, the material that we use, etc. are correct according to your requirements. We will also report you the picture of the furniture in the finished state for final approval.

Below please find several sample picture of the custom furniture that we made for our customers.

Please contact us by email and we can discuss your custom furniture needs.